Varsity Star – More Than Anything – Cream LP (Vinyl)


Limited run 12″ Blue vinyl LP of ‘More Than Anything’ from Brooklyn-based electronic producer Varsity Star. Includes bonus track “Salamander” and a remix of Mixtape by voyd.
An expansive yet concise exploration in synth- and sample-based songwriting, ‘More Than Anything’ is the new Mini LP by Brooklyn-based electronic musician and audiovisual artist Varsity Star. Featuring lofi electro 808 drums and neon synths on “Summer”, precise and pristine sound-design on “Pipes”, and futuristic synthetic four-on-the-floor beats on “LED”, this release spans a wide sonic palette unified by a focus on deeply personal songwriting.

Varsity Star explains, “For me, it’s about making emotional, encapsulated experiences that hit physically from the speakers. From Aphex Twin and the Miles Quintet, I learned a lot about exploring the tensions between those things, tearing music apart and putting it back together in one take. I found music that spoke to me in a real-life, non-theatrical, emotional way is something I’m always trying to get back to.”


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