A new creative internship program for young artists and musicians in Brighton & Hove. Funded by Youth Music.

About the Project

The Small Pond Incubator is a creative internship program for burgeoning young artists in Brighton & Hove. Gain real world experience in the music industry by working with our independent record label team for three months. Apply the skills you’ve learned by working on recording, promoting and releasing your own music using an allocated budget.

Who Can Apply?

Artists aged 16-25 in the Brighton & Hove area can apply now.


Just fill in our short application form.


Join our record label for a 3-month paid internship

Have you ever wondered how a record label actually works? With our 3-month paid internship, you’ll work on real-world campaigns and gain essential insight into the inner workings of an independent record label.

Record Guy

Apply your skills to your own music project

Use your new found skills to develop your own music project. Plan your campaign strategy with the help of our experienced label team and decide where is best to spend your allocated budget.

Use our post-internship grant to keep working on your music

Each artist will receive a post-internship grant of £1,000 to continue working on their project – no strings attached.

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