About Us

A multi-faceted music business in Brighton with community-driven values.

Who We Are

Small Pond is a busy recording studio, rehearsal studio, and indie record label based in the heart of Brighton. Our aim is to facilitate exciting music of all kinds and support our creative community in doing so. We’re a small, ambitious team of experienced musicians and industry professionals, with big ideas and the passion and work ethic to turn them into a reality.

Our Story

Starting out as a big idea around a small pub table back in 2013, Small Pond was initially a live recording operation. Taking turns to lug our live rig (nicknamed BERTHA, for obvious reasons) from venue to venue, we filmed live sessions with local legends from the Brighton music scene. That’s how the Small Pond YouTube channel was born, and you can still watch our first sessions now. It helped us connect with the Brighton music scene and set the stage for our more ambitious undertakings a few years later.


Small Pond HQ

In 2015, we put together a business plan and commenced building our HQ. Over the course of nine months, we chopped, sawed, and screwed, learning how to build acoustically treated rooms with the help of our designer and acoustician Robin Knox. Conducting much of the work ourselves has given us a special attachment to the building. Our blood, sweat, and tears are quite literally sandwiched between layers of rock wool and plasterboard.

Our Ethos

We always wanted the Small Pond HQ to be more than just a building to rehearse and record in. We wanted it to be a community hub for bands, artists, and creatives in Brighton, somewhere that fostered creativity and connected like-minded people together. That’s the ethos that started our venture, and that's the one that will carry us forward into the future. You can read our full community statement here.

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