Small Pond Presents – Emerging (Vinyl)

‘Emerging’ is the new Arts Council funded project from Small Pond, which gives eight talented young acts (aged 16-25) in Brighton and the South of England the opportunity to rehearse, record and release their music via Small Pond’s studio, label and PR set-up.

The scheme focuses on giving promising artists the opportunity to experience all stages in the production and promotion of a record. The process culminates in the pressing and distribution of a compilation album on 12-inch vinyl, and digital platforms, for a November 2019 release. The record features a track from each of the acts selected, and all music is recorded, mixed and mastered by the in-house team at Small Pond Studios.

Along with a tailor-made marketing and PR campaign for the release, the musicians will receive support and industry guidance in the form of workshops, pre-production meetings and mentoring throughout the process. Each act will receive an allocation of the finished vinyl to sell as merchandise and get them on the way to earning an income from their music.


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