Mentoring at Small Pond

If you are on one of our funded projects then you will get access to FREE mentoring with industry professionals. If you have something you are struggling with or an area you want to develop in then mentoring is there to help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need.


To book in a mentoring session just drop me an email -

I dont know what i want support with!

If you want support with your music but don't have a specific goal or area to work on then just email us and come in for a chat. We're happy to give you a hand and point you in the right direction.

Neve Mixing Desk Closeup
El Moono Studio-201

Sam Coveney

Sam has been Head Engineer of the Small Pond recording studio since its opening in 2015, and also works freelance as a Producer / Engineer, Touring FOH mixer / Tour Manager, and drummer for the band Intechnicolour with over a decade of experience.


Sam is up for supporting you with anything recording related. If you want some mentoring on mixing, mastering or recording then we can link you up with Sam.

Liam Kearley

Liam is a professional drummer with 20 years of playing experience. Over the last 15 years He has been part of various music projects, most notably Vower and Black Peaks.

He has extensive understanding of drums but is also able to support with music business, band management, growth strategies, merchandise fulfillment, social media, asst creation and day to day running of a band.



Liam K
Zoe B

Zoe Brownrigg

Zoe Brownrigg is a singer/songwriter (under the name ‘Sun Daughter’). She’s been playing and working in the Brighton music scene for the last 13 years. Zoe freelances in social media content creation and loves filming and creating content on-the-fly at festivals, gigs and other events.  


Zoe is up for helping you to grow your social media by giving you the confidence to make content for your music.

Joe Gosney

Joe’s been working in music for around 12 years now. As a founding member of UK rock band Black Peaks, he helped shape their unique sound. Recently, Joe has been playing with Palm Reader and launched a new band called Vower. He’s also more recently working as live session player for Lonely The Brave. Beyond performing, Joe is an endorsed artist for Fender, Victory Amps, Neural DSP, and BOSS. 


Joe is up for supporting guitarists to develop their musicianship but is also looking to support you to promote yourself in the music business as a solo musician or band.



Joe G
LBPHOTO - All Better - East Brighton Park - 26.05.2024 137

Chris Childs

With over 10 years of experience organising and running live events. Having worked at renowned venues such as The Hope & Ruin and Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Chris has spent years championing both international touring artists as well as local up and coming acts. He now manages Small Pond, and has been heavily involved in the label releases, as well as event management.


If you're looking to grow as a local artist and progress to playing bigger shows in new places then Chris can help you out.


Alex Amos

Alex organises the funded projects at Small Pond and is here to support you with the things you need to make music. He has 5 years of experience running music projects and supporting bands to grow and access opportunities in music.


If any of you are looking for someone to point you in the right direction for mentoring then Alex is here to help you out.

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